Miracle FruitMiracle Fruit – What it is?

Nature sure is grand. There is really something for everything. Up until recently we had never heard of the miracle fruit but we must admit it is one of the coolest things regarding food properties. It refers to a berry that is found on a small bush which grows mostly in tropical climates.

Miracle berry is incredibly unique in that is actually changes the taste of other foods. The way it works is that it has a glycoprotein module that temporarily alters your taste buds to make you believe that foods that are sour or bitter are sweet perfection. The science behind the berry is very cool and the uses for it are even cooler.

What kind of products are consumed with miracle berry?Food to try with miracle fruit

This berry can be used just to make things taste better. Some of the best things to test it with are citrus fruit, tomatoes, strong cheese and desserts made with zero sugar. Imagine that cake mix with no sugar normally that would be horrible but with miracle fruit it will tastes just like it was picked up from the local bakery.

Benefits for health?

Health benefitsIt also has health benefits for dieting, diabetes and cancer patients. Among the negative effects of chemotherapy is that cancer patient lose their sense of taste. Meal no more keeps the particular pleasing flavors which really encourage desire for food. With aid of Miracle Berry Fruit people can take bitter medications and get back sense of taste along with appetite. Sweet taste provided by fruit is much more effective compared to sugar substitutes. It is an excellent replacement to artificial sweeteners, being absolutely natural, without negative effects. When you are able to eat no sugar or low sugar food and feel satisfied the reality is that has health benefits for anyone.

Available forms

There are few common forms of miracle fruit available in the market: fresh berries, powder form (granules) and miracle berry tablets. Fresh berries are the tastiest and most expensive due to extreme perishable nature of fruit itself. Granules are freeze dried form of fruit, suitable for long storages and mostly used in culinary area. Miracle berry fruit is most readily available in miracle berry tablets. The tablets are 100% all natural and have nothing in them except this unique berry. Each tablet will last an adult about 30 min and has no known side effects. The berry is picked, freeze dried and made into an easy to take tablet.

Taste tripping

Flavor Tripping PartyThe wonder berry fruit has really gathered a lot of attention lately and people are having taste tripping parties and it is being used in restaurants and bars across the country and across the world. Although the Western world has been using magic berry for just decades, the Africans have been using it for centuries.

This fruit really is a miracle. What a strange and glorious thing that you can eat a berry and it makes food taste different. Playing with food combinations and magic berry tablets make it so you can find some seriously interesting combo’s you would have never though of before.

For anyone who wants to eat healthier while sacrificing taste you should definitely be looking at the miracle berry tablets to allow you to eat healthy and be happy.